Video tour of Alabama Crimson Tide’s new facilities

Alabama unveiled their brand new Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility that cost a modest sum of $9 million. The facility created a lot of buzz on the Internet after it was first shown off, but now we are getting an even closer look at the facility thanks to a video tour from Jeff Springer (the Tide’s equipment manager), Amy Bragg (Director of Performance Nutrition) and Jeff Allen (Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Medicine).

Photos have done the Mal M. Moore Athletic Facility plenty of justice, but the video tour provides a closer look and really shows off just how incredible and unique the ‘Bama facility truly is.

The upgrades to Alabama’s state of the art facilities include (via Yahoo! Sports):

  • Two pool tables
  • Ping pong tables
  • Two foosball tables
  • An arcade
  • A smoothie bar
  • Jerseys from all of the NFL first round picks since Nick Saban took over
  • A hydrotherapy area consisting of a hot and cool tub (they’re really pools)
  • Flat screens everywhere you look
  • New lockers with lock boxes and power cords to charge electronics

The new facilities will be used by all of the athletic programs

Here is the full video tour of the new facilities:

What are your thoughts on the improvements Alabama has made? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts.

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  • Steve

    So when developing a player to his full potential, you need more TVs, playstation, xbox and swimming pools? Cmon man. You go to any other SEC school, and they have everything Bama just built. Minus the waterfalls in the pool which are pointless by the way.

  • Guest

    I have seen many facility’s over the years and this one and the new one just finished at the u of Arkansas are by far the best

    • Trent

      You obviously haven’t seen Tennessee’s….rated best in the country

  • Joe Smith

    U said Tennessee ?? Who?? ROLL TIDE!!! @ BAMA WE’RE JUST BETTER!!!!!