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ACC commissioner: controversy will never leave college football

College Football is moving towards a playoff system and abandoning the BCS and it’s computer calculated poll. The ACC Commissioner, John Swofford, had some interesting opinions on the final year of the BCS at the ACC Media Days.

“I was the only guy crazy enough to be its coordinator twice,” Swofford said, via ESPN.com. “I say that in jest. The BCS for all its issues and problems has been good for college football. The growth of the game during the existence of the BCS has been phenomenal; it turned the sport from a regional sport to a national sport where people were interested in what was happening on the other side of the continent because it might affect who was playing in the national championship game. All of the controversy will not disappear. Will never disappear. We’ve taken a leap forward with the college football playoff approach.”

The BCS and the college football national championship will be determined by a 4 team playoff going forward. That will eliminate the qualified team being left out going forward as a result of poll biases.

But even then, the 4 teams worked in will be partially as a result of polls. And that controversy will always exist. Strength of schedule and the other arguments we’re all familiar with hearing.

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