Landon Donovan handles hecklers during Gold Cup (GIF)

Jul 21, 2013; Baltimore, MD, USA; United States forward Landon Donovan (10) celebrates with teammates after scoring a goal in the second half against El Salvador at M

The United States men’s national team will be taking on Honduras in the semifinals of the 2013 CONCACAF Gold Cup thanks to an incredible run to this point. One of the key contributors for the USA squad has been Landon Donovan, who made his return to the national stage in the Gold Cup.

While Donovan has been setting records throughout the tournament with his caps and assists per game, it was one moment during a cornerkick in the final minutes of the USMNT quarterfinal match up against El Salvador.

A heckler tossed sun glasses down at Donovan while he was setting up for the kick, but he was not distracted and handled the heckler with a brilliant response.

Here is the moment that Donovan showed why the hecklers don’t stand a chance against the United States star:

It’s a shame that the official was having none of Landon Donovan’s attempt to put on the glasses.

Would it really have been a big deal if he took the kick with some shades that were thrown at him? No, but the referee decided to be the no fun police.

It’s okay though, Landon. Your effort was noticed and Team USA still went on to win big, so you are an American hero — sunglasses or not.

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