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Feb 16, 2013; Houston, TX, USA; Julius Erving talks with Los Angeles Clippers forward Blake Griffin (right) during the 2013 NBA All-Star slam dunk contest at the Toyota Center. Mandatory Credit: Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Guy dunks between legs AND over a car (Video)

Remember when Blake Griffin dunked over a car in the Sprite Slam Dunk contest? That was pretty awesome, though it had it’s fair share of critics. It was over the hood, a low part of the car.

Well a member of “Team Flight Brothers,” named Guy Dupuy, has toped Griffin’s dunk.

On a YouTube video (below) dunks over a car, and puts the ball between his legs. Top that Blake Griffin!

[h/t] Pro Basketball Talk

Now if Blake Griffin got criticized for going over the hood of the car there is room to criticize Dupuy. First, he went over the ‘seats’ of the car, but it was a convertible. Though it looks like he might have been able to clear the car anyways, maybe not with putting the ball through his legs.

Second, he grabs the ball of of someones hands, he doesn’t have to catch it and get the timing right.

Three, there is no choir singing in the background.

But regardless, it’s still a phenomenal dunk.

After some lackluster dunks in the slam dunk contest, this could serve maybe as a form of motivation. Someone might try to duplicate this or simply realize it’s time to step their game up.

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