Lacrosse brawl proves Canadians aren't always nice (Video)

So this excellent video comes courtesy of the fine folks at Deadspin. Lacrosse gets a lot of grief from the Internet community; the sport is often associated with obnoxious, spoiled, wavy-haired bros who sometimes simultaneously wear flip-flops and tank tops (a grave and unforgivable crime against humanity as defined by the United Nations). Lacrosse bros are considered to be overly aggressive alpha males who will steal your girlfriend and delight her sexually with their pounding prowess while at the same time shotgunning a beer.

Canada, on the other hand, is known for being filled with polite people. Of course, this perception of friendliness is an illusion. All the people are so nice because they’re likely hopped-up on drugs thanks to their evil socialist health-care system. They also sent Andrew Wiggins down here to steal our basketball secrets, so how nice can they really be? Still, the belief remains that Canadians are the most amiable people on the planet.


In the end, it’s just nice to see a video that shatters stereotypes.


[Source: Deadspin]


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