Jul 24, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Northwestern Wildcats head coach Pat Fitzgerald speaks during the Big Ten media day at the Chicago Hilton. Mandatory Credit: Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Northwestern coach Pat Fitzgerald not happy with early recruiting

Northwestern Wildcats coach Pat Fitzgerald doesn’t like the trend of college football programs recruiting younger and younger players. At the Big Ten media days event on Thursday, Fitzgerald decried the practice, saying it did a disservice both to the young kids and the programs themselves.


I’m not saying it’s an epidemic, but I’ve talked to some of my colleagues, and it’s almost like their senior year becomes a non-year. You’ve got to get them going again fundamentally, things like running through the line. All the little things they worked their butts off doing to be able to get on the radar to be a recruit, all of a sudden they forget those because of the process.

The glorification of 15-year-old kids is at an astronomical high. You think about some of these kids that have been jet-setted around the country at 15 and have people telling them how good they are. Then they get to college, and they’re going to get their lips knocked off and they’re going to fail and they’re not going to know how to deal with it. We’re spending more time coaching kids how to get through that and how to manage that than we ever have before.

I’m siding with Fitzgerald on this one. Life at age 15 is hard enough as-is for most kids, what with the shoulder acne and the headgear and the non-reciprocated crushes and all. (Okay, maybe that was just me.)

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