Jul 22, 2013; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Team USA center Anthony Davis awaits a free throw attempt during a blue vs white scrimmage on the opening day of the USA Basketball Men

Video: Anthony Davis steals alley-oop, goes coast-to-coast for dunk in USA Scrimmage

It’s the NBA offseason and all the big names like Dwight Howard have found new homes, so that means it is time for the horrible part of the year when no news is coming in at all.

Well, except for this, which is Anthony Davis absolutely dominating a USA basketball scrimmage:



Because you know, that’s normal and everything. Apparently you can steal an alley-oop? Does that count as a stat? Either way it is an impressive all-around play.

Sure, the defense was horrible in getting back, but credit the youngster for having the awareness and athleticism to pull off the move against some of the world’s best.

Now the New Orleans Pelicans are probably watching this and hoping for the same type of performance when the season rolls around next year. Then again, Davis would only be able to do this against teams like, well, the Pelicans.

What say you about this spectacular play? Good play by Davis, or just typical NBA defense?


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