Jamie Varner reports training partner Sam Young dies in gym

Former WEC lightweight champion and current UFC fighter Jamie Varner took to social media to report a stunning death that occurred in his gym. A very shocked Varner shared his candid thoughts on his accounts as he reported the death of his training partner and teammate Sam Young.

“Tonight was a very tragic night 3 minutes after this pic was taken one of my fellow warriors had a fatal heart issue and passed away in the ring. I’m very sad but I will have u know this guy helped change my life and was my main sparring partner for my last fight! #Igotsam #ripsamyoung @will_is_working”, Varner wrote.

“We will mourn but will keep our eyes to the sky for Sam. Prayers out to his family.” He left behind a wife and 2 beautiful little girls. I’m very sad right now and this is the first time I’ve ever seen anyone pass away! Don’t take life for granted live everyday like it’s ur last, bec u never know when it really is!”

He went on to share another message and photo on his Instagram account.

“One of my teammates posted this pic. About 5 seconds later is when Sam fell and I ran to his side then called 911. It still hasn’t fully hit me but I’m thinking about trying to create a #samyoungfoundation to help support his family, young athletes and to create awareness of potential cardiovascular issues,” Varner continued.

“Lets know ur thoughts and if u have any knowledge on how to go about doing something like this. Thanks for all the kind words and support, I am going to push harder and I’m getting this win and donating a large portion of my win bonus to his family!”

This is obviously a very hard time for Varner and everyone who was in the gym at the time of Young’s death.

We would like to extend our deepest condolences to Young’s family and all of the fans that he touched so greatly. It is very clear that he had a positive impact on many people’s lives and he will not be forgotten.

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