Monopoly getting rid of jail to improve appeal for children, speed of game

Hasbro is making some big changes to the popular Monopoly board game in an effort to improve the appeal of the game for children and to better adapt to the fast lifestyle of Americans. It isn’t often that people take the time to sit around a table and play a lengthy game of Monopoly, so they hope that by making a few changes the game will speed up and more people will be interested in the quickie version.

One of those changes will be removing the “In Jail” space. Jail certainly slows down Monopoly, but it’s hard to imagine the real fans of the game appreciating such a drastic change.

A Facebook user who caught wind of the latest Monopoly news had one of the greatest comments about the change.

“Where are all of the tokens going to go in the Cincinnati Bengal Monopoly? Jail is the only space that was familiar!”

Perhaps that is something that the fine folks of Hasbro will need to take in to consideration.

Another difference in the new version of the game will be that you no longer buy properties. Instead, some of the top brands in the world will be up for sale in an effort to make the game more current. A few of the brands that will be included in the game will be Xbox, Coca-Cola, McDonald’s and Samsung. That’s some easy advertising for the brands and a nice cash haul by Hasbro to bring in the top brands.

There are even reports that the new version of the game will feature a mini Xbox controller as one of the tokens.

Yahoo! Games is also reporting that Hasbro will be releasing quickie versions of Boggle and Scrabble as they continue to provide everyone with games that they can enjoy without taking up too much time.

It will be interesting to see how traditional fans of the board games react, but that seems to be a dwindling breed so Hasbro could be on the right path with their latest changes.

[H/T: Yahoo! Games]

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