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Johnny Manziel scoreboards Twitter hater with Heisman photo

So it’s been, like, a few hours since there’s been news about something Johnny Manziel did. That’s unacceptable. THE PEOPLE DEMAND MORE!

Manziel is a popular and divisive 20-year-old, known for partying and being dehydrated and getting tossed out of frat parties and wearing Tim Tebow jerseys and, uh, oh yeah, winning the damn Heisman Trophy as a freshman (I guess that last one is kind of important). So what’s the young Texas A&M quarterback done this time? Owned some haters on Twitter, that’s what.

(Bias disclaimer: I support Johnny Manziel and think a lot of the off-the-field “transgressions” he’s being raked over the coals for are being blown wayyy out of proportion, so take that as you will.)

A Twitter user named Colin Ratz took a cheap shot at Manziel on Sunday, saying the quarterback had a “lucky year” and “[isn't] going to do shit next [season].” Manziel responded in a way that would make Cam’ron proud, tweeting out a photo of his Heisman with the caption “you’re that mad bro?”

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “Jeez, can we please commence the football season already?”

[Source: For the Win]

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