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Al Harrington just wants to win

Al Harrington has had a rough road since April 2012, when he had surgery to repair a torn meniscus in his knee. That routine procedure took a turn when he got a staph infection. He was only able to play in 10 games for the Orlando Magic last season as a result. As he is making his comeback he just wants to win.

“I want to win, so I’ll put it like this: I want to go to a situation where I can compete to make the playoffs,” Harrington said, via the USA TODAY. “I’m too old to play for nothing. When I was younger, of course you play for stats and you want to be good, but I’m not going to be a Hall of Famer or nothing like that, so I want to win. I just want to win.

“Whatever situation I can get to where I can help a team win, that’s what I want to do. I don’t want to play 36 minutes or none of that. Play 20, 25 minutes, just help mentor the young guys and stuff like that.”

Harrington has lost 27 pounds though in an effort to take the pressure off of his knees and to be more productive.

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