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Feb 21, 2012; Peoria, AZ, USA; A detailed view of a major league baseball during the Seattle Mariners full team workout during spring training at the Peoria Sports Complex. Mandatory Credit: Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Man punches Seattle Mariners mascot during Public Safety celebration (Video)

Life as a mascot isn’t always easy and the Seattle Mariners “Mariner Moose” found that out the hard way during an event to celebrate Public Safety Day. A disgruntled fan and Boeing employee decided to take out his frustrations on the poor moose by punching him directly in the snout. Thankfully the man inside the mascot suit was not harmed from the punch.

The incident was met with mixed reaction from the fans who felt anything from anger to confusion to laughter. My reaction was the latter.

Boeing is reportedly conducting an internal review on the situation to see if the employee will face disciplinary actions. If you punch a moose mascot, you probably deserve some sort of punishment, so the employee may not like what comes of his ill-advised cold clocking of Mariner Moose.

Check out the video and news coverage of the incident below:

What is the craziest mascot incident that you can recall? Share your favorite mascot moments in the comments section below.

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