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Peter King skeptical Brandon Weeden is good quarterback for Cleveland Browns in 2013

Peter King stopped by the Cleveland Browns training camp to see how the team looks. The big thing that stuck out to King was quarterback Brandon Weeden. King said he is skeptical Weeden will be a good quarterback this year.

“I’m very skeptical about that,” says King about whether Weeden can be a good quarterback and can he be the long term answer.

“He’s a great guy, he’s got some great ability to throw the ball downfield,” King conceded. “(But) I question whether he can be accurate enough to be this team’s quarterback for both this year and the long haul.”

When the Browns drafted both Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden in the first round they felt like they had turned their offense around. While Richardson has played well, Weeden hasn’t lived up to expectations yet.

Watch Peter King talk about Weeden below:

“But he is on trial. He is going to get a chance to prove to this administration that he deserves to be the quarterback long term,” King elaborated.

King said he thinks the offense will struggle and in order to win they’ll rely on their defense to hold potentially 12 teams to below 20 points.

“Can this defense play well enough to hold 10, 11, 12 teams to 20 points or less? Because that, to me, is the only way with this offense, which I think is going to struggle, is the only way in my opinion they’re going to be good enough to win.”

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