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J.B. Shuck makes amazing catch to rob Jose Bautista of a home run (Video)

Last night we witnessed possibly one of the greatest catches in baseball history. Toronto Blue Jays slugger Jose Bautista hits a baseball deep to left field in the 4th inning. Los Angeles Angels outfielder J.B. Shuck is going back to the wall, that’s where this gets good.

He is at the wall, which appears to be 4-5 feet tall, and he leaps into the air to catch the ball and flies into the stands. No one really tries to catch him or keep him from hurting himself. Shuck quickly tries to get back on the field to throw the ball to the infield, there was a runner on base.

Toronto manager John Gibbons came out to argue the call. At the heart of it is whether a player can go into the stands to catch a ball for the out.

The ruling was that the catch counted. His momentum carried him into the stands while in the act of making the play, as opposed to going into the stands and then making the catch.

It certainly is the catch of the year, but is it better than Derek Jeter’s foul ball catch?

Derek Jeter took longer to get out of the crowd, but the situation, ALDS game 5, might give Jeter the nod.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Heavensdevil

    By catching Bautista’s home run ball, two runs are saved, and an out is recorded while the base runner is allowed to advance. Jeter’s catch was just an out with the base runner advancing. In other words if Shuck misses the ball, it is a home run scoring two runs and there is still only one out (Reyes was the first out in the inning). Jeter, on the other hand, if he misses, it is just a foul ball, the runner is still at first, the batter gets another chance to hit, and there are still the same number of outs. Shuck, therefore, gets the nod as to which was the most important and necessary catch. As for the spectacular element, they both rate an 11 out of 10! However, I know there are more Jeter fans so I would expect him to get the nod in the fan votes.