Nick Saban, University of Alabama using $52 million dollars in fake checks to recruit players

When back-to-back BCS National Championships aren’t enough, you bust out a state of the art locker room which looks like a modernized Playboy mansion.

And when that isn’t enough to convince a highly touted recruit you’re the university he needs to select, you use…..Monopoly money?

Sounds a bit strange, but University of Alabama head coach Nick Saban has decided upon a new strategy to lure recruits to his school – money.

Saban has been sending some of the best high school football players in the country a photo which lists the NFL contracts (in a check form) of Alabama’s nine draft picks in this year’s past draft. The combined total salary for those players? Nearly $52 million dollars, which is boldly printed in the middle of the photo, as you can see below:

Case in point:  The Crimson Tide’s latest pitch to high school football stars around the country.

It’s clear, concise and to the point, just like the head coach himself. Placed over a background of NFL checks made out to Alabama’s nine draft picks selected in this year’s draft is one large number amount.


Translation:  Those one-time high school recruits and former Crimson Tide standouts drafted in April are now cashing in on their football talent as NFL rookies, combining to ink 4-year contracts worth a total of $51,810,000.

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  • Phillip Wooten

    Well, until someone knocks ‘em off, Alabama is King of the Mountain – the standard for college football.

    • Jim Trenor

      It won’t happen this year. They got lucky in the schedule. You’re talking about the NO. 1 team in the country and they only play 2 teams ranked in the top 25, LSU & Texas A& M. The other 12 teams in the SEC play 4 or 5 top 25 teams.

      • Effzee

        Lucky? They can schedule a challenging out-of-conference game any time they want to. You’ll never see it happen though. They’re a bunch of pussies who cower and hide from anything outside of their bubble that might challenge the limp-minded perception of their superiority.

        • David Coker

          Get the dicks hair out of your mouth before you speak queenie……. JEALOUS!!!!!! ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!

      • Guest

        It won’t happen, eh? WAR DAMN EAGLE!

      • Johnny Houston

        Looking back, jim, you are dead wrong. Auburn beat bam a

  • Rick Ramey

    You must be trolling. Or an idiot. Wait, why not both?

  • Jerry James

    So, what’s your point??? Recruiting is recruiting, but some folks just can’t compete in recruiting or FOOTBALL*********ROLL TIDE ROLL

  • davewakeman

    I don’t see any problem with this. You get winning. You get the best coaching. And you get the opportunity to monetize your talent.

  • RJH

    Alabama: Best team in the best league in the NCAA. Hoping we can win out and play y’all in the SEC Championship game. We all want that over due rematch. Go Gamecocks!

  • GODJS GoHustler Curt


  • jims444

    NCAA will jump on this. Just wait!

    • Tim0619

      No they won’t! There’s absolutely nothing wrong about this as Saban is simply showing what others have made after going to Bama and then through the NFL draft. These aren’t real checks!!!

      • Stephen Tyler

        You’re absolutely right. Nick is doing nothing wrong here. And showing that his players are being recruited by the NFL shortly after their career at Alabama is just one way of saying, if you play for a recognizable team, your chances of being recognized are even better.

  • Matt Watasha Wood

    “New Strategy”… they have been using real money for decades…

    • patferr

      WHaaaahhhhhhhhh, they beat my favorite team so they HAVE to be paying them real money, although I don’t have any proof of that whatsoever, so I will just make the baseless charge and continue to whine and cry WHAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!! LOL…STFU
      ROLL TIDE baby.

  • Devin Pearson

    they are getting even more arrogant with the cheating. i quit watching college football because they have ruined it

    • Tim0619

      Have you ever even been to Tuscaloosa or even in the South? I seriously doubt it as your ignorant racist comment indicates you have never been out of whatever hole in the wall city you live in. Did you even graduate from high school?

      • Dave

        To be fair, I don’t think think there was anything racist in what he said, just “region-ist” maybe. These are a few of many stereotypes people in the north (where Im from) have about that whole area of the country, including Mississippi et al. but I agree on the rest of your post. Sorry to bring back up a month old comment.

        • David Coker

          It would be nice if all the carpet baggers kept their stinkin tails north of the mason dixion!!!!!

          • CobraJet428

            You absolute inbred MOron! If carpetbaggers stayed north of the M-D, you’d still have Shula as your coach! LoLoLoLoLoL Saban would be winning Div III games in Iceburg, Montana.

            Here’s a story of a real man–The Winning-est coach the past SEVEN years in the nation’s toughest conference–

            Les Miles and life lessons

          • Mark Mitchell

            Boris is back

    • Guest

      I’m surprised that a lot of the inbred rednecks could even read that. But wait, I hold multiple college degrees. I have my bachelors, masters, and almost finished with my specialists. What do I know though? I’m just an ignorant redneck who roots for a team that has a LOT of history and prestige compared to that of NFL teams. Don’t mind me.

    • Bamatim

      Should you be down on the corner picking YOUR sister up? Or do you have her working overtime?

    • Rachel

      So, I was wondering when it became a law that you had to graduate from the University of your favorite team to be a fan of college football. Is that a new rule? I must say, while you are bitching and whining about the Tides fan base being inbred, redneck, fat , live in trailers …at least they have enough sense to root for a team that makes them feel like winners every week.

    • skwirrl

      Exactly. Like .001% of Bama fans have ever stepped on that campus, about .01% have stepped on any college campus and only about 1% of Bama fans could even read what you wrote in the first place.

      • David Coker

        Like that picture of your wife……..

    • David Coker

      Jealous puss Yankee, no doubt……..

      • CobraJet428

        Got any other notes in that violin?

  • Sgt. Bill Cody

    What;s the big deal?? they have been using real money for years. Most educated Bama fans will admit they cheat, their comeback is everyone does it… Bama REC and Bear Bryant invented cheating in College Football.

    • David Coker

      bunch of jealous PUNKS!!!!!!! ROLL TIDE……

      • CobraJet428

        Jealous of living a dishonest life? LoL! No thanks.

    • CobraJet428

      Let’s see, bama’s sked this year has them playing cross-over opponents Kentucky and Tennessee (don’t strain yourselves) while LSU, bamas biggest threat, plays Florida and Georgia. A&M who beat bama after LSU showed them how the week before. This year, the cheaters learned their lesson and scheduled A&M and LSU at opposing ends of the year. A&M revisits Ole Miss in Oxford in consecutive years and OM revisits bama in consecutive years. Scare-dy cat bama has the head of scheduling (bama alum), the head of officiating and associate head of officiating (bama alums) plus Emmert as saban’s BFF. To top it off, former and current ceo, a convicted fraudster by the real SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) whose recruit rankings sink or rise depending on how much they lean towards the cheating bama gumps.

      Would love to see a grand jury set up camp in Tuscaloosa.

      Remember this close game vs Ole Miss? ( It might have been the same year of Patrick Peterson’s “Interception.” (

      • David Coker

        You liberal mind is spilling all over the place….. What an IDIOT you are…… JEALOUS PUNK…..

        • CobraJet428

          Unsurprising yak-yak without any substance. Typical cousin-phuquer.

  • The Patriot

    It would funny if Alabama was sued for using the NFL logo and each team’s logo without permission.

    • patferr

      It would be funny if you were an idiot dumbass for even suggesting such a non-issue thing…oh wait, you are…never mind. STFU
      ROLL TIDE baby.

  • Rodney K Winkler

    Bama is good and they cheat, But It’s okay until the NCAA does something about it, You don’t get talent like they get every year without cheating….

    • Rachel

      Yes you can get great recruits without cheating, Rodney. It’s called WINNING. Our coaching staff is the best in the country when it comes to developing players and giving them the tools to reach their full potential. Our players work their asses cant cheat in practice now can you? Go ahead and think Bama cheats all you like if it makes you feel better. It all boils down to hard work.

      • CobraJet428

        bama = a Culture of Cheating. It’s documented.

        • Mark Mitchell

          That’s exactly what you sound like

  • Donald Sherer

    A fake check is one that cannot clear the bank. Alabama players are cashing real checks in the NFL.

    • CobraJet428

      …and at bama. It’s documented.

  • Dan Wynne

    It’s great to know there’s still a place for students “of the highest caliber and character to go for 4 years. There’s certainly no illusion or promise that attending Alabama will in anyway make you a better person or even a college graduate. Just the hope that you don’t get injured and the NFL will give you spectacular MONEY. What are the Football Players majoring in?

    • Rachel
    • David Coker

      Put your teeth back in to speak please……

      • Dan Wynne

        Coker, Typing is not speaking. You can TYPE without speaking at least most people can. It just takes thoughts and fingers. Honesty is still important to a majority of people regardless of their age.

  • anonymous

    saban = Satan

  • Opu Ahmed
  • jimmy

    They should just show a montage of White women to the colored players. That will induce them to sign up,

  • Derek K. Wilson

    Looks like Advertising 101 to me. This is why they put hot chicks in photos with beer.

  • patferr

    IT’S not fair to the other teams whose programs SUCK SHIT….how are they supposed to get good talent if Saban is showing recruits FACTS like this? This hits below the belt and just isn’t fair, and we cry babies want it stopped you hear? Or we will cry even louder and if we have to, resort to stomping our feet until we get our way. NCAA, stop Alabama from being so damn good please

  • RFLee

    WOW, WHAT A LOW-LIFE ……. not even Pete Carroll or Urban Meyer pulled this lame-ass antic.