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Trent Richardson to get 300 carries, 60 receptions

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The Cleveland Browns aren’t worrying about tipping their hand. After Peter King gave a scathing report of starting quarterback Brandon Weeden and doubted whether he’d be a good quarterback this year, defenses could safely assume that the majority of the offense’s hopes would rest on running back Trent Richardson’s shoulders.


Offensive coordinator Norv Turner says you’d be right if you assumed Richardson would be a focal point of their attack. he projected 300 carries and 60 receptions this season for Richardson.

“It’s hard for a tailback now to play every down the entire game, but they have to be prepared to play every down,” Turner told The Plain Dealer this week. “If we’re in a two-minute situation, I don’t think any of us want to see Trent standing on the sidelines. But we need the other guys to be able to go in and play. I don’t think there’s a player in this league that can play 60 plays a game and make it, especially with all of the blitzes you’re getting.”

The offensive line has been coming together and it’s encouraging to Turner.

“Our offensive line is really coming together and they’re seeing a lot of looks that will help us in the future and we’re identifying things our guys do best,” he said. “A big part of helping our quarterbacks play better is making sure we’re sound in the running game.”

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