Five year old cancer survivor scores touchdown for Cleveland Browns (Video)

A few months ago, there’s a good chance you came across the video of Jack Hoffman scoring a touchdown for the Nebraska Cornhuskers during a Spring game.

The video of the seven year old cancer survivor went viral and today we have another, this time featuring five year old cancer survivor Ryan Encinas.

Encinas, a Cleveland Browns fan was diagnosed with lung cancer at the age of 2 and suffered through weeks of chemotherapy to battle the disease. The son of Browns head coach Rob Chudzinski came up with the idea to invite Encinas to practice, where he showed up in full uniform, complete with custom jersey.

With the whole team in on it, the pint sized Encians ran onto the field to take his handoff from quarterback Brandon Weeden and with a little assistance from running back Trent Richardson, Encians crossed the goal line proudly.

The touching moment hit close to home for a few players, who commented on the unforgettable moment:

“That was cool,” Weeden said. “The kid’s been through a lot. I do a lot of stuff back home with Children’s Hospital, so every time something like that happens, it brings a lump to your throat.”

“He couldn’t do the things he wanted to do growing up, but to have this moment in front of these fans in this stadium, I’m getting chills right now,” Mingo said. “I’m sure it meant a lot to that little kid.”

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