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Which company will win the next-gen console wars: Xbox One VS. PS4

The two big companies in the video game universe which would be Microsoft and Sony,  will release a next-gen console around the holiday season. This was known for sometime that a new console would come out for both companies,and there was some highlights along the way with the announcement of each console.

Sony had the best reveal of the two companies with not much unknown about their device besides the price point and whether if it block used games. However, for Microsoft their reveal left more questions than answers and that continued during the E3 press conference for them.

They were trying to take a hard stance by implementing some policies that were not practical at all. One of them was that the console would check once every 24 hours to ensure there was on-line connectivity. The other had to do with used games, where they would put a limitation on sharing games with your friends.

They would eventually change their stance and get rid of these policies, but it was confusing as to why they did this in first place. Sony had no issues with this by stating they place no such restrictions on consumers.

The only question to ask is which company will be the winner once both consoles are available to consumers. Sony has the cheaper console with the PS4 being priced at $400, and the Xbox One is at $500.

That would seem to make the PS4 a clear, cut winner.  The pre-order numbers for the new Microsoft console are still strong even with the higher price point and the PR fiasco.

Whether you prefer Microsoft or Sony, there is not wrong choice with either console. As gamers will have to weigh the pros and cons of each device and make a decision.

The real measure of the next generation’s success will be how these consoles continue to sell after the transition into a new year. This  is a lesson Nintendo learned well with the long-term success from the Wii, and quick cratering from the Wii U.



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