Aug 3, 2013; Rio De Janeiro, Brazil; Vinny Magalhaes (white and black shorts) lays on the mat after being knocked down by Anthony Perosh (not pictured) during UFC 163 at HSBC Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Vinny Magalhaes plans to retire if cut from the UFC

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Jiu jitsu ace Vinny Magalhaes was viciously knocked out in just 14 seconds during the featured preliminary bout on the UFC 163 undercard last weekend. Magalhaes was already coming off of a loss in his previous outing and was hoping to get back in the win column, but his latest performance was as poor as he could have imagined.

Before the fight, Magalhaes had said he deserves to be cut from the UFC if he lost to Anthony Perosh, but now that he actually did, he seems to be hoping for a another chance.

Magalhaes has one fight remaining on his current UFC contract and he is just waiting to hear from the UFC.

“I have one more fight left in my contract, but we all know that it doesn’t mean much and there’s a chance that I get cut,” Vinny told MSN. “Before this fight I said I deserved to get cut if I didn’t win. I’m waiting for UFC’s decision, anything can happen, but I really don’t care, man.”

Magalhaes went on to say that if the UFC decides against renewing his contract and he gets the ax that he will retire from the sport.

“People say that the UFC doesn’t pay much to their fighters, but if you look to the other events it’s even worse,” Magalhaes said. “So if they cut me, I don’t see why I should keep fighting in other event. I rather open my own gym than fight for little money. I stopped fighting in Jiu-Jitsu because of the financial part, so it would make no sense for me to return now. If the UFC doesn’t renew my contract, I’ll stop (fighting).”

Magalhaes was on a big win streak before his return to the UFC, but it just hasn’t worked out.

At 10-7, the UFC has every right to cut him loose from his deal, but there is always that small chance that he could turn things around if given one final chance.

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