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Breaking Bad Drinking Game: Season 5, Part 2

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Ramon Ramirez is a writer for Fansided partner,

I have to admire the will of long-time Breaking Bad fans.

The cliff-hangers between seasons are devastating. Perhaps the most dramatic–when Season 3 concludes and Jesse shoots Gale in the face–left little doubt as to what, exactly, happened. But the surrounding drama put our anti-heroes in the deepest of waters. Season 5’s two-part, eight-episodes-per-half approach has been rewarding except that the wait has been brutal. It doesn’t help that this final season plays out like the closing third of Goodfellas, only you half to stop right after the montage of henchman murders.

In the last calendar year, the quality of the show has been touted from the social media mountain tops louder than ever. I’m more of a Mad Men guy, and a moody show about a methamphetamine dealer full of violent realism wasn’t of interest to me for the longest time–until last month. I fired up Netlix one stale Sunday afternoon and devoured the first season. It was great–maybe a little rushed because it was shortened by the Hollywood writer’s strike of 2007. Season 2 continued Walter White’s somewhat understandable hi-jinx until his actions all came literally crashing down and you realized what a monster he had become. Season 3 was about rooting for the gangsters because more ruthless gangsters lingered on the opposite end of the ring. Season 4 was about understanding all of the gangsters as they wiped each other out in the most thrilling manner possible until only Walter White’s black hat remained.

It took me about three weeks.

I write this because if you’re a skeptic, understand that (in my best Busta Rhymes voice) THERE ARE ONLY EIGHT WEEKS LEFT. Sit out tonight, binge on the ‘Flix, and get back in the conversation. It is possible and rewarding. When people argue that Breaking Bad is the best television show ever made, they aren’t wrong.

Plus, you can gather friends and play drinking games. And all season long, Bro Jackson’s TV guru David Kallison will be recapping the series. Son is nice.

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