'Breaking Bad' final season: Does Walter White kill Skyler?

The final episodes of Breaking Bad begin to air tonight on AMC as we gear up for the last eight episodes of the series. There are plenty of theories surfacing on the Internet as the show prepares to return and it is difficult to sort through what the people are saying and what theories seem legit.

While checking out what people were saying online, there was one particular theory that really got the mind going. Is it possible that Walter White could end up killing his wife, Skyler, by the end of the series?

Here is the very intriguing theory that will make your mind consider the possibility, via the Straight Dope message board:

In Breaking Bad, Walt has a habit of taking on some little traits of the people he has killed.

When Walt killed Crazy 8, he started cutting off the crusts of his sandwiches – just as Crazy 8 had done. Gus drives a Volvo. After Walt kills Gus, at the beginning of Season 5 (at the Denny’s), Walt is driving a Volvo (w/ NH plates).  When Mike and Walt meet at a bar in an earlier season, Walt orders his drink neat while Mike has his on the rocks. After Mike is killed, and Hank offers Walt a drink in his office – he asks for it on the rocks.

At that same scene at Denny’s, Walt arranges his bacon into his new age. Someone else used to do that. On top of that, he’s using Skyler’s maiden name on his fake ID.

Based on his history of picking up traits from his victims – I believe Walt is going to murder Skyler before the series is over, and it probably had already happened before he showed up at the Denny’s in the Season 5 cold open.

We won’t find out for certain what goes down, but we will get a clearer idea when the final episodes begin to air tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET.

Will Walt ultimately put an end to Skyler as the series draws to a close or is this just another conspiracy theory that will get shot down once we see the show wind down? We will find out for sure in a few weeks.

How do you think the series will come to an end? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts and predictions.

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