New iPhone to be unveiled on September 10

There is some great news for fans of the latest technology and Apple fans that are always looking for the latest device. If you are looking for a new iPhone, the latest version of the popular smart phone could be unveiled on September 10, according to reports from All Things Digital.

From the report:

There has been a great deal of talk that the company will debut a new lower-cost iPhone alongside whatever update it has in store for the current iPhone 5.

Much of the speculation there has centered on the usual kinds of camera and processor enhancements, as well as the likelihood of a fingerprint sensor. That has been expected ever since Apple acquired Authentec last year.

Naturally, any new phones will be running iOS 7, which has been in testing since its announcement at Apple’s developer conference in June. The new software includes aradical redesign of the overall look of the iPhone’s menus and icons, but the other new features are largely incremental updates, such as improved notifications, better photo-organizing abilities and additional capabilities for developers.

There is also a belief that the new iPhones could feature bigger screens and come in various colors. That’s not an important detail about the phone, but it could be something that draws in a new audience looking for more customization with their phone.

Apple declined comment on the ATD report.

It will be interesting to see whether or not the new iPhone actually is unveiled on September 10. We will be keeping an eye out.

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  • Uncle Fricken Fester

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