13 year old throws down a sick windmill dunk (Video)

So apparently this 6’3″ man running down the court is really a 13 year old kid named William Dillard. He elevates and throws down a sick windmill dunk during a game at Chris Paul’s CP3 Rising Stars camp.

The video comes from YouTube channel “City League Hoops TV” who describes the video as follows:

 William Dillard is a 6’3 wing who put down this ridiculous windmill on the break at the 2013 CP3 Rising Stars National Event in North Carolina. William Dillard is one of the most explosive players in the class of 2018.

Apparently they have a full mix of his moves and skills in the works, and after this video it will be hard to resist watching.

Bleacher Report

His head looks like it comes within about six inches of the back board. If this kid hits another growth spurt he could be a dominant player in the making. Colleges have till 2018 to recruit him however, and NBA teams have longer to wait till he is eligible for the draft. Who knows by then how long the NBA will make you stay in college before making the leap to the NBA.

It will be interesting to see if this was a one time highlight or if he lives up to the pressure of being a potential star.

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