Thorested Development, a mash-up parody (Video)

So what happens when you mash together two pop culture staples like Thor and Arrested Development?

Awesomeness and hilarity!

YouTuber OnlyLeigh‘s description of the video:

Now the story of a thunder god who lost everything, and the one brother who has no choice but to help him out.
It’s- Thorested development.

The video starts off with a spin of the Arrested Development’s opening segment depicting Thor as the perpetually and constantly stressed Michael Bluth. He goes to prison to visit his adopted brother Loki in prison.

Loki is riding a segway back and forth in a glass cell that has been built into the wall of the nicest prison we’ve ever seen. They added a nice gold frame around the front of his cell to class it up.

“You must be truly desperate to come to me for help,” Loki says.

That has Loki freed from prison, but he finds himself in another prison, that of his family.

Thor introduces Loki to Jane.

He says “her?” which prompts Jane to slap Loki.

Then they all breakout into chicken impressions.

The video ends with a “on the next Thorested Development” sequence. We can only hope that this leads to more videos down the line.

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