Lyrics to Kendrick Lamar diss song by Da YoungFellaz

The controversial lyrics suggest that Kendrick Lamar is coming for other rappers fans, even those he considers friends and he proclaims himself the king of New York. Rappers responded on Twitter and Lupe Fiasco jokingly ghost wrote responses for rappers.

A group called “Da YoungFellaz” from New York responded  to Kendrick Lamar with a track called “Turn Down That Sound.”

When I initially heard the track I doubted whether it was a true diss track. When I think of a diss track I think of Eminem going after people in personal, distinct and specific attacks. I expected something more along the lines of  Joell Ortiz, of Slaugherhouse, and his Kendrick Lamar diss track. I said it was possible I missed something.

Da YoungFellaz reached out to me on twitter and said I had indeed missed the point.

Da YoungFellaz provided the following statement via their management:

“We’re dissing Kendrick in Hip-Hop form, he didn’t say anything personal about us, but he did mention he was the ‘King of New York’, so because of this we decide to let it be known, BAR for BAR, LINE for LINE, there is NO competition with what New York City has brewing. A lot of entendre’s in this one. Listen closely and you’ll get it” – Da YoungFellaz

The lyrics provided to me by their management:

Verse: Jay Storm
Song full of bass, car full of weight, now,
The treble tremble, I see it all on ya face, the,
EQ, equals, from either arm that I take,
To Vietnam it today, with each bomb that we lay, wait,
Open books, they reading novels today, and writing autobios,
Saying all that I know is caught I case,
I came home and now I’m writing rhymes,
How many rappers you know dealin makin millions in these trying time,
How many times they tried convincing that they line for line,
But aren’t parallel, I see you on that carousel,
Many go round that merry go round, we bury yo sound,
You aint ready for that steady go down, pause,
Now we heavy, Betty Crocker, Freddy Kruger, cookin fire,
Scaring children in their dreams, a rhyme full of schemes,
The Appetizer, if you ain’t turnin down that sound right,
And all they’re thinkin is what the Entre a sound like,
Verse: Sho-Biz
The strong move quiet, the weak start riots, 
Real n—s eat good, bitches do diet, 

Eye’s on that mula, green in my Iris,

Flyest of the fly s—, my team is like Pirates,
Listen to the streets, so much volume in that silence
Like a vaca’ n—s a-round trip, my n—s resort to violence
The golden era we trying to take it back there,
We spit crack here, the way that he rap rare,
Like rhyming with black hair,
The said get money and power, then the respect a-come,
S— is money on every block n—- better get you some,
Brooklyn till the day that I’m gone, I’m from where the vets is from,
They hate cause ain’t no food on they plate, and they ain’t getting none
I go hard, them dudes frauds, we don’t ever hate,
Fugees like Pras, they pull your card, get yo’ cheddar straight,
Name a squad f—in with the God, yes I’ll wait,
I rest my case.
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