Ronda Rousey Maxim photos

UFC women’s bantamweight star Ronda Rousey is getting movie roles and plenty of media attention thanks to her dominance inside of the cage and her good looks out of it. The most recent company to take advantage of the Rousey appeal was Maxim, who had the women’s champion pose for a feature and cover in the latest issue of the magazine.

Rousey has previously done shoots with ESPN the Magazine’s Body Issue, but this time around she wanted to make a statement with shoot. Rousey said that she was tired of seeing girls looking like stick figures in magazines and she is ready to change the idea of what is attractive and how a female should look.

“I specifically got heavy for [the Maxim shoot]. I was 143 for the ESPN Body shoot and I was 151 for the Maxim shoot and I did it on purpose. Because when i was 14, my idea of – the standard that I held to look like was what I perceived the guys my age to want. And I saw all of them reading Maxim and I never looked like any of those girls,” Rousey said during a recent Google hangout.

It’s a noble gesture and one that many females will appreciate.

If you want to catch the photos of Rousey in the newest issue of Maxim, simply continue to scroll down the page:

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