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Little League World Series pitcher throws curveball that nearly breaks kids ass (Video)

As somebody who played Little League before, I know far too well what it feels like when you get your first glimpse of a disgustingly good curveball for the first time.

Apparently, so does this tike from Panama who nearly fell on his ass after the Puerto Rican pitcher dusted off old Uncle Charlie.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m certainly not trying to make fun of the kid in the least bit (okay, maybe a little – I’m a heartless bastard), but that was a pretty nasty break for kids who’ve just entered their teenage years.

The 13 year old who threw the pitch, Braulio Flores, seemingly comes from a high three-quarters release point and the pitch already starts off inside, which sends the poor kid dashing out of the batters box quicker than his brain can relay the message to his feet. The ball looks to curve back in before it crosses the plate, so it doesn’t look nearly as scary on camera as it did to the poor Panamian kid who probably thought that thing was coming straight for his eyes.

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