Dec. 29, 2012; Tempe, AZ, USA; Members of the Michigan State Spartans celebrate after beating the TCU Horned Frongs 17-16 during the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl at Sun Devil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Michigan State coaches and players fall for mannequin prank (Video)

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Who doesn’t love a good prank? Sometimes people try to make pranks too elaborate and end up ruining them, sometimes less is more. This “mannequin prank” is a simple, yet timeless classic. Basically one disguises themselves as a mannequin and as people pass by just move and shout maybe to startle them.

Doing it in the morning, when people are groggy having just woken up is both cruel and easy as far as execution goes.

 CBS via Deadspin

The mannequin was played by Michigan State student Garrett Briningstool who stood on the otherside of the doorway from an actual mannequin in Spartan gear.

Coach Mark Dantonio was first, he flinches and puts his hands up but soon bursts into laughter.

“That’s awesome,” coach Dantonio says. “You’re going to get some people today.”

One of the best reactions came from defensive tackle Tyler Hoover who assumed the kung fu position, someone let Mrs. Hoover know those pre-teen karate lessons are paying off like she hoped for.

Defensive back Mark Meyers nearly ran away down the hallway.

My personal favorite is defensive tackle David Fennell who stuck his hand out like he found himself in a drill all of the sudden.

It looked like it was fun and the team hung out waiting to see who he’d get next and laughter would erupt every time.

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