Oklahoma State's Marcus Smart and Kentucky's Julius Randle have a dunk off (Video)

Oklahoma State’s Marcus Smart and Kentucky’s Julius Randle both hail from the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. So what do two NCAA Division 1 ballers do during their summer vacation from school? They go to the University of Texas in Arlington, from what I can tell in the video,  and they practice together of course to stay in shape.

Maybe have an impromptu dunk competition mano-a-mano.

There are lob bounce alley-oops, 360s, between the legs, reverse dunks, behind the back and so many others I can’t even keep up with.

The sad part is this dunk montage between two college hoopers is better than some of the NBA dunk competitions we’ve seen lately. Of course they benefit from being able to edit the video, where the NBA’s Sprite Slam Dunk contestants can’t. But given the plethora of dunks we see in this montage it’s hard to believe they could’ve been missing and still fitting in all these dunks.

If only we could get these two into the NBA so they could revamp the NBA contests.

If they did this on a whim and with no prior planning, imagine what they could do or come up with. I mean, they couldn’t roll in a Kia to jump over at the last minute.

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