Aug 11, 2013; Rochester, NY, USA; Tiger Woods reacts after teeing off no the 13th hole during the final round of the 95th PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Colin Montgomerie says Tiger Woods won't break Jack Nicklaus' majors record

Tiger Woods hasn’t been able to win a Majors title in years. An as Tiger gets older and older it becomes increasingly more difficult to think that he’ll break Jack Nicklaus’ majors record of 18 championships. Jack Nicklaus said that he still expects Tiger to break his mark.

Colin Montgomerie, who was on the Golf Channel on Sunday night, tried to explain Nicklaus’ comments.

“Jack was being diplomatic,” Monty said, failing to suppress a smile. “Very diplomatic.”

Montgomerie was then asked on air if Woods will catch Jack Nicklaus’ major record and had a short and straightforward answer.

“Five more, with the standard right now, and the competition right now?” Montgomerie asked himself, via The National.

“No,” Monty answered.

Woods has been stuck on 14 majors since 2008, or 5 years. Woods is going to turn 38 in December and is fighting father time now and it is only going to get harder and harder for him.

It is worth noting that the Scotsman has never won a major championship himself. That might be a reason he can’t criticize Woods or a point that he knows how hard it is to win one, let alone five.

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