Colin Montgomerie says Tiger Woods won’t break Jack Nicklaus’ majors record

Aug 11, 2013; Rochester, NY, USA; Tiger Woods reacts after teeing off no the 13th hole during the final round of the 95th PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club. Mandatory Credit: Allan Henry-USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Woods hasn’t been able to win a Majors title in years. An as Tiger gets older and older it becomes increasingly more difficult to think that he’ll break Jack Nicklaus’ majors record of 18 championships. Jack Nicklaus said that he still expects Tiger to break his mark.

Colin Montgomerie, who was on the Golf Channel on Sunday night, tried to explain Nicklaus’ comments.

“Jack was being diplomatic,” Monty said, failing to suppress a smile. “Very diplomatic.”

Montgomerie was then asked on air if Woods will catch Jack Nicklaus’ major record and had a short and straightforward answer.

“Five more, with the standard right now, and the competition right now?” Montgomerie asked himself, via The National.

“No,” Monty answered.

Woods has been stuck on 14 majors since 2008, or 5 years. Woods is going to turn 38 in December and is fighting father time now and it is only going to get harder and harder for him.

It is worth noting that the Scotsman has never won a major championship himself. That might be a reason he can’t criticize Woods or a point that he knows how hard it is to win one, let alone five.

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  • Wekiva26

    Monty is wrong! However, if Monty proves to be correct that Tiger will never get to Jack’s 18, then Tiger is still the GOAT. Consider Tiger’s impact on golf is mind boggling and yet somehow he’s still considered the 2nd or 3rd greatest of all time by a very vocal minority of interested golf observers???

    Golf is the least popular, least understood by fans and players, the least lucrative in money and the least appreciated of the biggest pro sports. And yet a golfer, Tiger Woods is the Richest and most Famous athlete in history. Forbes Magazine in 2009 declared Tiger the first and only $Billionaire athlete. That makes him the richest athlete. Tiger is also the most famous (equal to Ali?). Tiger plays the least appreciated sport so well that he’s the richest and most popular athlete of all time. He’s also the only golfer favorably compared to the greatest pure athletes from football, baseball, basketball, hockey, boxing and whatever. He’s actually won some of these social media and golf magazine polls, and finished 9th on a recent ESPN greatest athletes of all-time poll; and he was the only golfer considered. Jack Nicklaus was selected as individual athlete of the century many years ago by Sports Illustrated I think, long before Tiger played golf. However, Tiger is always in these greatest athletes polls now and Jack no longer is. Mind Boggling!

    In less then 18 full seasons at age 37, Tiger is only 4 Majors shy of Jack’s all-time (AT) record and still in his late prime. Tiger already has the AT most individual PGA Tour’s total wins (without a teammate) in history. Tiger also has the AT highest winning %, the AT lowest or best CAREER stroke average, the most seasonal stroke average awards, his first 14 years with stroke averages all in the 60′s (until he hit the fire hydrant) vs only 4 years out of 24 winning seasons for Nicklaus in the 60′s.

    Tiger has twice posted the AT lowest ever seasonal scoring average of 67.79 in 2000 and 2007. Tiger is the only pro whose CARRER stroke average is below 70. If anyone thinks this is because Tiger has superior equipment and/or inferior competition compared to Jack, then please name any other golfer that has taken advantage of equipment advances and weak competition to have a better overall record than Jack, as Tiger does. Also, didn’t Jack have superior equipment to Jones, Hogan, Snead and Nelson?

    Tiger also has the most AT Player of the Year awards, the most AT seasonal money title awards, the most AT consecutive cuts made record, the least number of missed cuts in a 17 year career, the most AT money ever earned by any athlete in any sport, and all of these AT accomplishments against many PGA Tour venues “Tiger-Proofing”their golf courses to keep him from winning. Jack never faced the pressure and attention that Tiger faces whenever he tees it up. There was NEVER any Jack-Proofing of golf courses against Jack. Jack faced no pressure and not artificial “speed bumps” on the road to 18 Majors. Last February, Jack was interviewed on the Golf Channel by David Feherty. Jack told Feherty that he never knew he was closing in on Bobby Jone’s majors won record of 13 (or Hagan’s 11) until he won his 10th major and a reporter told him he was gaining on Jones. Jack told Feherty that he never knew he was catching up to Jones, his idol. If Jack didn’t know, then he got to 18 with very little media and fan pressure. Tiger’s the clear GOAT, and continues to face enormous pressure and hostility. Calm down Monty!

  • James Dean

    Gonna be hilarious when Tiger wins 3 majors in the next 2 years and everyone is like uhhh duhhh me stupid for doubting Tiger

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