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Benedict Cumberbatch delivers message to paparazzi (Photo)

The one and only Benedict Cumberbatch continues to watch his popularity rise and his latest moment of brilliance came on the set of BBC Sherlock in Cardiff, Wales over the weekend. The British actor was getting ready to do some work when he decided it would be an appropriate time to take advantage of all of the paparazzi members camped out by the set and deliver a message to those who had their lenses ready.

Cumberbatch exited his trailer well protected but poorly disguised, and delivered the message  “Go photograph Egypt and show the world something important.”

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For those who are unaware with what Cumberbatch was referring to, without getting involved in too many of the political details, Egypt is currently seeing plenty of protests for a variety of reasons. As a result, there has been an outbreak in terrorism and violence, which has led to increased security in the most important parts of the country.

Protests are only getting stronger and the turnouts getting greater, which is leading to more violence that everyone is fighting to stop.

It’s great to see Cumberbatch send out the message and raise awareness for a dispute that many people may be unaware of.

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