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Coach happy Barkevious Mingo's injury wasn't career or season ending

Cleveland Browns rookie line backer Barkevious Mingo suffered a bruised lung in last Thursday’s preseason game against the Detroit Lions. One doctor called it a “very, very unusual” injury. According to Mingo it caused him to cough up blood in the middle of the game.

“During the game and after the game (I was spitting up blood),” Mingo said, via the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I was a little bit, but not a lot.”

According to the Plain Dealer, for this injury the estimated mortality rate is about 14% to 40%. Coming out of the game wasn’t a thought at first.

“If I didn’t have the shortness of breath I think I would’ve still been out there,” Mingo said. “Nothing else was that bad that made me think I needed to get out.”

The Browns are also breathing a sigh of relief.

“We’re just happy it’s not a career- or season-ending injury,” defensive coordinator Ray Horton said, via NFL.com. “But they’re all serious when they miss playing time.”

Mingo however feels well.

I’m feeling really good,” Mingo told the Cleveland Plain Dealer. “I’d rather be out there, but I’ve got to listen to the doctors and take it slow and easy. I was like this when I was in the hospital that night and I told them I was fine. But they’ve got the got the scans and they made the right call.”

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