Aug 13, 2013; Cincinnati, OH, USA; Maria Sharapova (RUS) reacts during a match against Sloane Stephens (USA) (not pictured) at the Western

Maria Sharapova is not changing her name to Sugarpova

A report earlier today suggested that Maria Sharapova was considering changing her name to Sugarpova during the U.S. Open as a marketing ploy for her Sugarpova candy line. She was also reportedly going to wear the logo on her uniform as well. Changing her name would’ve displayed Sugarpova on television screen score boards, court-side scoreboards and through out the venue.

According to ESPN, her agent says she seriously considered it.

“Maria has pushed her team to do fun, out-of-the-box-type things to get the word out about Sugarpova,” her agent Max Eisenbud said. “In Miami, we’re going to fill a glass truck full of candy and drive it around town. This was an idea that fell along those lines. But, at the end of the day, we would have to change all her identification, she has to travel to Japan and China right after the tournament and it was going to be very difficult.”

Aside from the tacky element of this marketing scheme, logistically it was too complex according to ESPN:

In order to change her name, Sharapova — who is a Russian citizen but has a green card and resides in Florida — would have had to file a name change petition in the state, submit fingerprints, have a background check and have a hearing before a judge. If the judge signed an order, the name change would be official.All this hubbub over her name change was likely all the free marketing and advertising she needed.

After all this hubbub surrounding her proposed name change, she probably got all the exposure for the candy line she needed. I certainly hadn’t heard of it until today.

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