Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Cast As Next Batman

Fans have been waiting to hear who will put on Batman’s cowl next, and Warner Bros gave them that answer late on Thursday evening. As Variety first reported, Oscar winner Ben Affleck will set into the shoes left by Christian Bale and will become the next Batman for 2015’s Batman vs. Superman.

Per the report from Variety:

The actor will replace Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne in the upcoming untitled Superman-Batman feature for Warner Bros., the studio announced Thursday. Affleck becomes the eighth actor to play the Caped Crusader, following Bale, George Clooney and Michael Keaton.

Batman vs. Superman is the sequel to this year’s release of Man of Steel and news that DC’s two biggest characters are teaming up on screen to do battle with one another made waves at Comic-Con this year. Director Zack Snyder made the surprise announcement that sent shockwaves around the comic book world and right away names started circulating as to who would play Batman next.

Fans will no doubt point to Affleck’s less than impressive turn as Daredevil ten years ago, but those putting money into the film will point to Affleck’s Oscar win, his slew of nominations he’s helped garner behind the camera and how bankable he is at the box office.

It’s clear now that Affleck has been cast as the next Batman, that Matt Damon needs to be cast as Robin. But all kidding aside, Affleck seems to be in the right place in his career to take on this role, and it will be one that will take him even higher than he’s already gotten.

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