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'Family Guy' cast as 'Game of Thrones' characters (Photos)

Game of Thrones is undoubtedly one of the most popular television shows out there — hell, it is the most pirated show on the Internet so that tells you all that you need to know about it’s popularity — and with the show currently between seasons, there are plenty of fans looking anywhere they can to get a taste of the show.

While it has nothing to do with the actual show, a user on Tumblr took the time to take the cast of the animated series Family Guy and turn them in to characters from Westeros. The results were pretty hilarious.

One of the best makeovers went to Stewie, who appears as King Joffrey. It is also hilarious to see Meg dressed up as Hodor and there really isn’t a bad adaptation of any character that was produced. It is certainly worth checking out.

Here are the best of the Family Guy characters with their Game of Thrones makeovers, via timburtongameofthrones:

Peter Griffin as Ned Stark: 

Photo via timburtongameofthrones

Lois as Catelyn Stark: 

Photo via timburtongameofthrones

Chris and Brian as Jon Snow and Ghost: 

Stewie as King Joffrey: 

Photo via timburtongameofthrones

Joe and Meg as Bran Stark and Hodor: 

Photo via timburtongameofthrones

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