iPhone 5s in black, silver and gold/champagne. Photo via Mashable.com

iPhone 5s rumors: Gold, Black and Silver iPhone 5s photos leaked

We have previously touched on the gold iPhone 5s rumors here on FanSided.com and today there is a leaked photo that seems to confirm the rumors. Mashable.com passed along a photo that shows the alleged iPhone 5s in black, gold and silver. The images were originally published on weekly.ascii.jp.

It is a bit disappointing that the gold iPhone 5s is not as “in your face” and shiny as you may have imagined, but the gold/champagne color will really help add a new look to the popular smart phone while making sure that it does not come across as gaudy or tacky. If you are really in to that thing, then you can go buy an aftermarket case and bedazzle the hell out of it.

There is a possibility that the gold iPhone is not legit, since you don’t see anything other than the iPhone logo on the back and the case does not appear to be finished, but the silver and black devices do seem to be rather convincing.

The rumored date for the iPhone 5s release is September 10, so we can expect to hear plenty of more rumors leading up to that date.

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