Sons of Anarchy: The Top 5 Issues Facing SAMCRO

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Sons of Anarchy is about to come barreling onto our screens for what is bound to be an action-packed season. SAMCRO President Jax Teller has been charged with one of the most difficult tasks imaginable; getting the club under control.

All the while, he has to take care of his two children, deal with Tara being stuck behind bars, find himself a new VP, and somehow prevent his dealings with the late Damon Pope from going up in smoke.

Today, we will take a look at the Top 5 issues facing SAMCRO right now.

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  • John Guyer

    Great read…..

  • Harlee Jo

    Agreed. Good read. I rarely agree with lists but you are on the money
    especially tagging Clay as the number one threat to the MC.

    He knows where all of the bodies are buried, both literally and figuratively.