'X-Men’, 'Fantastic Four' crossover teased

Although we are seemingly light years away, the Summer Movie Season of 2014 is already starting to heat up. Yahoo! Movies is reporting that there have been rumors that our favorite Marvel mutants may be getting a visit from none other than the Fantastic Four.

In an interview with SFX, Comics extraordinaire Mark Millar spoke about the possibility of a crossover between the two Marvel franchises.

Without question I think you have to see some of these guys showing up in each other’s movies.” Millar said. “I think the most exciting thing in superhero movies, until The Avengers came along, was when Nick Fury showed up in Iron Man. Even though it was a guy with an eye patch it was really cool – and I expect we will see more of that.”

The reboot of Marvel’s Fantastic Four franchise is already in the works.

The Fantastic Four is currently scheduled for release on March 6, 2015. With X-Men: Days of Future Past scheduled to be released on May 23, 2014; a crossover between the two franchises would be the likely way to segue from one to the other.

The Fantastic Four reboot is being directed by Josh Trank. In his interview with SFX, Millar seemed assured that Trank is the man for the job when the comes to the Fantastic reboot.

Sam Raimi gave us a great Spider-Man. Christopher Nolan gave us a great Batman. So a brilliant director is probably the most important thing for a great Fantastic Four. Tim Story was seen as an odd choice for Fantastic Four but when you have a Josh Trank you know you are in safe hands.”

It will be interesting to see what happens when/if these two worlds do finally come together on the big screen. It has certainly worked well for the characters in the Avengers universe, and could be instrumental in getting the Fantastic Four franchise moving again.

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