Barry Sanders challenges fans to run for Madden 25 (Video)

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The most popular video game of all time is about to release it’s 25th edition this month. Fans of this franchise are loyal and fanatical and willing to do anything to land a free copy of the game.

Detroit Lions Hall of Fame running back Barry Sanders will be on the cover of the anniversary edition of the game, and with fans eagerly awaiting the release of the game he gave out a hundred copies of the game. That is right, he gave out a 100 copies of the game before it is even set to be released.

Madden 25 is available August 27th.

Sanders had people running a 40 yard dash, competing for a copy of the game. In the video he is seen standing at the finish line holding them out and runners grabbing them as they pass Sanders. Fans had to be a specific time within their age category to win the copy or finish atop the leader board for their age group. The video shows people of all ages competing.

One guys looks like he injured himself in the process with some sort of thigh injury. This further proves that fans are willing to risk it all to get a free copy of the game.


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