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Han Solo carbonite refrigerator (Photo)

How much do you love Star Wars? There are plenty of people that go out of their way to show their love for the Star Wars films and make sure that people never forget that they started off as an incredible trilogy before the god awful prequels were put together.

There are also those who are a bit skeptical about how well Disney will be able to do with the next three films, beginning with Star Wars: Episode 7, which is rumored to have a mid-December release.

For those who are fans that are fans of the original trilogy, there are a few moments that will always stick with you. Hell, even casual Star Wars fans will recognize these moments as a scene from the Star Wars films and the two that really stand out are slave Princess Leia and Han Solo being engulfed in carbonite.

If you are a regular dude that doesn’t feel comfortable dressing as a slave Princess Leia, have no fear. You can still show your Star Wars fandom with this incredible looking refrigerator that appears to have Han Solo stuck inside.

Here is the Han Solo refrigerator that will either impress all of your friends or ensure that you never get another date, check it out:

Is this something that you would ever consider adding to your home or man cave? Share your thoughts in the comments section and let us know how far you are willing to go to prove your Star Wars fandom.

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  • Christine Amber Ruff

    I would buy this and not care about friends who didn’t like it, because if they didn’t, they were not awesome friends to begin with.

    • eron

      and your friends can dance and if they dont dance then they’re no friends of mine

  • JoAnna Rose

    I want it, I need it, I would pay a LOT of money for it!

  • Bryon Bauer

    Alright. Stop messing with us. I’ve already looked all over the internet and cannot find who sells this. Don’t put something up this AWESOME and not tell us how to get it or how much we have to lie to our wives about how much it cost. Give up the details

    • Brock-OLee Smith

      I agree, I would sell my soul for this fridge just tell me where I need to sign!

  • Tom Davis

    take all of it!

  • Alex Thomas

    I would consider a magnetic plastic front cover that goes onto my fridge, sure. But an entire appliance, no.

  • StarWars Fan

    HAN Solo…

  • Leslie Penna

    You’re all “Man cave” this and “single forever” that, but dude I would marry a man who owned such a fridge…