Madden 25 review coming today

Today is the day when you will begin to see reviews for Madden NFL 25 prior to it’s release at midnight next Tuesday. Review copies have been sent out and information will begin to pour across the net with the first reactions and thoughts about the latest installment of the popular video game franchise.

From a look in to each game mode and a full list of the playable and unlockable legends in the game, we will have you covered right here on and over at our video game dedicated site,

Madden NFL 25 marks the 25th anniversary of the Madden franchise from EA Sports, so there is plenty of hype and anticipation for next week’s release.

You can check back after 1:00 p.m. ET when the link to our Madden NFL 25 game review will be placed below.

Madden 25 Review, Grades, Features And More

What are you expecting to see from the latest edition of Madden and what fixes do you hope to see in the game? Sound off in the comments section and let us know what you are hoping to see and whether or not you will be heading out at midnight to get your hands on Madden NFL 25.

Happy gaming, everyone.

The day that we have been waiting for is almost here.

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  • chris9465

    I can write this review without even playing it……stop me if you’ve read this before…..
    This years madden is a great editition to the franchise……it comes pack with new graphics and physics engine…..the edition of owner mode and john madden on the sideline more than make up for its short comings…….the new running game and offensive line play has been vastly improved over last years version……though madden 25 seems to lack the polish all the additions more than make up for the lack of polish and this madden is a great foundation for the franchise going foward…… to the hardened madden defenders one question…… it next year yet? Lets stop pre tending this game would still exsit without the exclusive license……..without it madden would never survived past 06…….the guys who make NCAA football should be doing the NFL looman and his whole crew are the biggest hacks in video game design ever!!!!!!

    • chris9465

      It won’t let me edit so fuck it you get the point