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Pre-order Madden 25 Anniversary Edition and get NFL Sunday Ticket for free

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By no stretch of the imagination is this breaking news and I’m sure most of you are well aware of this, but with just two days left until Madden 25 hits stores, it’s time for procrastinators to make their move.

EA Sports, Amazon and DirecTV all partnered up this year to create quite the nice package centered around the annual video game release.

While most stores are offering a player/owner package, Amazon is offering a much more lucrative offer if one was to pre-order the Anniversary Edition of the game – free NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV

Granted, I wouldn’t technically call it ‘free’ as the game does cost $40 dollars more than the standard version for PS3 or XBOX 360, but for $40 bucks, where else are you going to find that type of deal for 17 weeks of NFL football?

There aren’t any strings attached. There aren’t any gotcha snags. It’s exactly what it says it is – free Sunday Ticket.

Each game will be sent out with a unique code which will allow non-subscribers to watch Sunday Ticket (which includes Red Zone) through their computer, tablet or phone. You will not be able to watch through TV, though, that’s a relatively easy fix with an HDMI cable. has all the details, but it’s a pretty sweet deal if you intend on picking up Madden or simply want Sunday Ticket for cheap.

But hurry – the offer expires in just a matter of days.

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