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San Francisco 49ers Levi's Stadium playable in Madden 25 (Video)

One of the most popular and anticipated parts of Madden 25 is the new ‘connected franchise’ mode (new is a questionable term) which will include a completely revamped owner mode.

Madden has dabbled in the whole ‘owner’ aspect before but hasn’t done so for a few seasons, but this year Madden went far deeper than they ever had. Included in the owner mode is not only the ability to give the press comments or alter the price of merchandise or concessions, but you can also relocate your team and/or build a new stadium.

That’s something fans playing the San Francisco 49ers won’t need to do however as once you take control of the Niners franchise, you’ll move into the 49ers new venue automatically come your second season – a pretty neat addition by the EA Sports producers.

Unfortunately, as of right now, the only way to play in the Niners’ new Levi’s Stadium is to do so through the connected franchise/owner mode as the stadium isn’t available in any other mode nor has any cheat code been able to produce the ability to play in it.

San Francisco is the only franchise this appears to happen with as the Minnesota Vikings, who are set to open their new stadium in 2016 do not get a new stadium after the 2015 season in Madden.

The real life 49ers are set to move into their new home after this season concludes.

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