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'Breaking Bad' series finale: Aaron Paul hints at 'crazy' ending

There are just a few episodes of the AMC hit show Breaking Bad left and the anticipation is rapidly building for the series finale. Everyone is wondering how the show will conclude after an already incredible start to the final episodes and star Aaron Paul, who portrays Jessie Pinkman, is the latest to let us know we will like what is to come.

Paul spoke about the upcoming season finale and he seemed to echo the opinion of everyone in the know — it is going to be epic.

“Each season of Breaking Bad gets progressively darker and this final season, each episode just gets more and more intense,” he said,via the Daily Express. “And just hold on because it’s about to get really, really, really crazy.”

Paul described the ending of the series as the “darkest [finale] yet” and a “violent sprint to the finish line.”

Oh boy, this is going to get good.

In addition, Paul was like the rest of us when it comes to not wanting Breaking Bad to come to an end, but the script convinced him that the writers and producers made the right choice and everyone should be satisfied.

“I never wanted Breaking Bad to end, simply because I’m a huge fan of the show and I didn’t want to be unemployed,” Paul said during an AMA on Reddit. “But after reading the final eight episodes and understanding where the writers are going with it, I’m so happy they ended it the way they did, and I think all of you will be happy as well. It’s a dark, crazy ride to the final episode, but it’s a fun one.”

Like most of you that are fans of the show, we can’t wait.

What are your predictions for the series finale of Breaking Bad? Sound off in the comments section and share your thoughts with us.

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