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Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston was in high school chemistry club (Photo)

Before Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston began to portray Walter White, the lovable chemistry teacher who was battling with cancer before cooking up meth and turning in to a cold-blooded killer/drug kingpin, he was a bright eyed student loving every second of the chemistry field. discovered a photo from Cranston’s high school yearbook that shows Cranston in a polka dotted button up shirt and some of his fellow questionably dressed classmates as they posed for their chemistry club photo.

That’s right, Bryan Cranston was a member of his high school chemistry club before transitioning to one of the greatest television characters in recent memory.

It all makes sense now. Let’s just hope Cranston wasn’t attempting to cook up meth when he was a high school student.

Here is the photo of Cranston from his high school yearbook:

If you can’t tell, that is young Cranston sitting front and center.

Breaking Bad returned for the final eight episodes of the series just two weeks ago. It will be interesting to see how the show comes to an end after the epic and quick start to season 5, part 2.

Be sure to stay tuned to for all things Breaking Bad related as the series winds down. Will you be watching?

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