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Chael Sonnen pees on Wanderlei Silva's van (Photo)

The rivalry between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva continues to heat up. For the past two years, Sonnen and Silva have been going back and for, but things reached a feverish pitch after Sonnen dominated Silva’s good friend Mauricio “Shogun” Rua before going on to deliver an epic post-fight press conference where he called out Wanderlei.

Silva went on to issue a response of his own, but we knew that Chael Sonnen wouldn’t let anyone have the last word.

Sonnen allegedly made his way to Silva’s place where he spotted a van marked with “The Axe Murderer”‘s image and branding. Sonnen then proceeded to urinate on the vehicle and capture photo evidence before making sure it surfaced on social media.

Here is the image of Sonnen “peeing” on Wanderlei’s ride that began to surface on Twitter:

While we wouldn’t put anything past Sonnen, it is most likely that he was just posing for a picture and using this to hype up the fight even more and get another reaction from Wanderlei Silva. If that was all he was trying to do, it worked. If he was trying to get a reaction AND actually relieve himself, then he was two-for-two.

“Now this fight gonna need happen!! You want to see I bite this motherfuc&@r!! Soon really soon!!!! I training a lot now gonna be in my best condition on that fight!!” Silva posted on his Instagram account.

UFC president Dana White has said that Silva will not sign the contract to fight Sonnen unless he gets a portion of the pay-per view points, but if Sonnen continues to take these shots at Silva and call him out publicly, then Silva may have no choice other than to drop his demands and get in the octagon.

Let’s hope the fight happens.

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