Aug 25, 2013; Williamsport, PA, USA; Japan players and coaches pose for a group photo after after defeating California (West) 6-4 in the Little League World Series Championship game at Lamade Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matthew O

ABC tries to scare Little League World Series player to death with fake spider (GIF)

In addition to the enjoyable play on the field, ABC has a long standing tradition of introducing you to the young men who participate in the annual Little League World Series.

Wanting you to connect with the players as well as desiring to give the kids some television time, ABC often asks them about their interests. They ask them what they like to do for fun. They ask them who their favorite player(s) are. They ask them their favorite subject in school.

It’s nothing over the top, but for kid’s who are relatively unsure of cameras being shoved in their face, it can be a bit overwhelming.

It can also be incredibly cruel when somebody from the ABC team decides to drop a fake spider from the sky to an unsuspecting kid giving his interview.

As Japan’s Shunpei Takagi was introducing himself, somebody from the ABC crew thought it would be a good idea to drop the tarantula looking rubber spider into the face of Takagi.

He was clearly not impressed.

And now he hates America.

And spiders.

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