iPhone 5s rumors: New phone could be 31 percent faster

The more we hear about the iPhone 5s, the more exciting it’s release is going to be. The latest rumors will give technology lovers something to smile about and some pleasure in knowing that performance is a focal point of the updated version of the device.

Reportedly, the new iPhone will have an A7 chip installed that will allow the fun to run 31 percent faster than it’s predecessor.

There are also some rumors that the new device could feature a 64-bit A7 processor that would further enhance the performance and graphic output of the iPhone 5s, but those reports could be jumping the gun and we may not see the 64-bit A7 processor until 2014.

No matter when the 64-bit processor comes out, the iPhone 5s is shaping up to be one of the top smartphones on the market. With 31 percent faster performance, the Android devices may need to up their game and find a way to once again distance themselves from the Apple device.


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