Batman vs. Superman trailer made by fan features Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston (Video)

After the announcement that Ben Affleck would be portraying Batman in the Man of Steel sequel, which is reportedly set to be titled Batman vs. Superman, fans were very skeptical and upset about the casting direction. However, once it was reported that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston would be bringing his evil ways to the cast as Lex Luthor, people were once again excited about the possibilities for the film.

Now, thanks to YouTube user SoylentBrak1’s fan made trailer for the film, we can get an idea of how all of the actors would work together on the same cast.

Surprisingly, it works. And it looks great.

Seeing this trailer could be what it takes for fans to warm up to the idea of Affleck as Batman and the excitement that this trailer should bring will have everyone forgetting about their initial disgust.

Here is the trailer that could bring you around to the idea of Ben Affleck portraying Batman in the upcoming film, with some footage that adds Cranston and Henry Cavill to the mix:

Did the trailer get you used to the idea of seeing Affleck as Batman? Sound off in the comments section and let us know your thoughts on the upcoming trailer and what you expect from the Man of Steel sequel.

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