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Batman vs. Superman: Bryan Cranston cast as Lex Luthor in 'Man of Steel' sequel

There is little doubt that Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston’s character Walter White is one of the biggest badasses on television and Cranston perfectly portrays the character on camera. While we all know the sad news that Breaking Bad is coming to an end in a matter of weeks, we can still expect to see Cranston playing yet another villain in the near future.

According to report from Cosmic Book News, Cranston will be playing the role of Lex Luthor in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel — which is rumored to be titled Batman vs. SupermanYou know, the same film that will have Ben Affleck playing Batman?

“Cranston is truly a dream casting for Luthor,” a source told Cosmic Book News for their report.

We would have to agree.

Cranston’s contract reportedly includes at least six appearances, which is much less than Affleck’s reported 13 apperances.

Regardless, it looks like the cast of the film is starting to take shape and, while some are unhappy with the casting of Batman, you will hear no one complain about the actor who will be portraying the film’s villain.

If the announcement of Affleck didn’t get you excited, it’s time to cheer up, because Bryan Cranston will make up for that.

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